Estate Planning & Advice

Where should you go to receive estate planning advice?

You shouldn’t be receiving this advice from those you socialize with at your local coffee shop. Instead, it’s critical to speak with a professional. For example, it’s optimal to talk to an estate planning advisor or attorney.

Many who are new to estate planning wonder how to find a reputable estate planning lawyer and set up an estate plan. Locating a good estate planning attorney can begin by following these three steps:

  1. Ask your friends and family for referrals and, after you’ve received names, conduct research online regarding their background, testimonials, and track record.
  2. Does the estate planning attorney have a listing with your state’s bar association? If so, the State Bar Association will provide you with a referral.
  3. Attend estate planning seminars to meet attorneys and advisors in your geographic location, speak with them, and learn more about their practice.

In addition to locating someone who is qualified, you also want them to have adequate experience. What this means is that the advisor, or attorney understands the estate planning process back and forth. Instead of offering you a one-size-fits-all plan, you should be receiving advice that is tailored to your precise situation.

The person you select should make you feel comfortable. The main reason is that the plan you’re creating is one of the most critical you’ll ever make in your lifetime. Therefore, you shouldn’t discount how essential it is to have a rapport with this professional.

As a way of helping you navigate your way through the estate planning process, we’ve created a FREE report. In this report, you’ll also find the best questions you should be asking. Download this report now and take the first step toward preparing for your future.

In this report, you’ll learn the step-by-step process of estate planning that includes:

  • Your estate planning options.
  • The process for leaving your assets to your spouse, as well as minor children.
  • Probate: its definition, when it’s necessary, and how it’s avoidable.
  • About holding title to your assets.
  • Why you need to know the differences between a will and living trust.

The report also includes the best questions you should be asking before you begin working with an estate planning advisor or attorney. Download this report immediately and start making the most critical decisions of your life.